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First Step is committed to providing its employees extensive training, meticulous support, and community reinvestment to provide you with the skilled and qualified employees you need.

The First Step Difference


15hr/per FTE

Our enhanced coaching hours increases job retention and reduces turnover more than any other agency in GA.



We provide door to door transportation for our employees, increasing on time delivery and fulfillment for your company. First Step is on track to provide 60,000+ rides to work this year.

Lives Changed


Whether it be assisting with that first job assignment, providing initial transportation, mentoring a person through a challenging situation, or providing assistance with a housing opportunity—we change lives daily.

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A better approach

First Step Staffing, strikes an expert balance between business success and giving back.

In fact, we leverage our staffing savvy in order to create social change. That’s what earned us our reputation for high-quality service and dedicated, talented employees.

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