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City of Orlando Putting People on a Path Out of Homelessness Through Work

Partnership with First Step Staffing to Help Vulnerable Residents.

Orlando, FL– December 21,2020 – As part of its efforts to connect residents, including some of the most vulnerable in the community, with a path to opportunity, the City of Orlando recently approved an agreement to make First Step Staffing a vendor for staffing services.

First Step Staffing is a 501C3 that uses an alternative staffing model to provide individuals who are homeless, citizens returning from incarceration, and veterans, with immediate employment. The goal is to provide economic opportunity and a path to self-sufficiency for those otherwise locked out of the employment system. Through its partnership with the City of Orlando, First Step Staffing will connect individuals to temporary jobs with municipal departments, including Public Works and Transportation.

“The pandemic has impacted every person in our city, and it has especially created new challenges for

our community’s most vulnerable. We are grateful for our partnership with First Step Staffing that helps

us connect homeless and precariously-housed individuals with jobs with the City of Orlando,” said

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. “We are proud to play a role in helping these individuals build better

futures for themselves as they serve our city.”

First Step Staffing’s Orlando office will be in the Christian Service Center, which is also currently home to SALT, Homeless Services Network (HSN), and Compassion Corner. “First Step entering the Orlando market contributes to the natural path out of homelessness that we support at the Center,” said Eric Gray, Executive Director. “The path out of homelessness is not possible without an income to sustain housing. First Step Staffing brings that to our community.”

First Step Staffing is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has offices in seven cities across the United States. Last year, they put 5,400 homeless people to work who combined, earned more than $17 million in wages.

“We are thrilled to bring our services to the Orlando market. The pandemic has really shined a light on how quickly poverty can turn into homelessness. First Step is looking forward to partnering up with the public, private and nonprofit sectors to help those who need us most carve a path out of homelessness,” said Yvette Hernandez, General Manager of the First Step Staffing Orlando office.

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