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Nom Nom partners with First Step Staffing to put 50 individuals on Permanent Path Out of Homelessness

Nashville, TN – November 30, 2020- Just in time for the holidays, pet food processing giant, Nom Nom hired 50 First Step Nashville clients into permanent employment. Nom Nom, a major partner with First Step, regularly employs hundreds of men and women working their way out of poverty.

First Step Staffing is a 501C3 that uses an alternative staffing model to provide individuals who are homeless, citizens returning from incarceration, and veterans, with immediate employment and a path to self-sufficiency. “Nom Nom is a great partner and committed to putting people to work for good. Providing permanent employment for 50 individuals is literally life-changing.” said Amelia Nickerson, CEO of First Step Staffing, “There are many pieces to the puzzle of ending poverty for individuals, and steady, reliable income is a key piece.”

Nom Nom is a healthy pet food processing plant that combines veterinary-formulated products based on customer input with an algorithm that tracks data points specific to weight, age, activity level, health-related issues, and other criteria to portion each meal to each pet’s unique calorie need.

“2020 has been a tough year for everybody, and people who are homeless and/or living in poverty have endured the greatest impact. Our partnership with First Step staffing has helped Nom Nom employ some of the most reliable, motivated, and hard-working team members in the company.” Said Dan Miller, Operations Manager for Nom Nom in Nashville, “It is a win-win situation. Our company gets best of class employees while also helping to lift people out of poverty permanently.”

The company has hired hundreds of First Step clients since 2019 when First Step Staffing, based in Atlanta, GA, opened offices in Nashville.

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