First Step News

October 2017: In Review

November is in full swing, but October was a great month here at First Step!

  • October 2017 saw the largest number of clients who recently experienced homelessness (REH) go to work. We experienced 66.4% employment for the month, including a week in which 723 of these individuals went to work.
  • Currently, a large group of First Step clients are helping FEMA hurricane relief efforts by preparing emergency kits for the disaster areas. We are proud to be involved in this venture, and our clients are excited to support other communities in need.
  • Lastly, we congratulate the 19 committed clients who transitioned to permanent employment at Suzanna’s Kitchen in Norcross, GA. We are excited and thankful for customers like Suzanne’s Kitchen who are committed to working with us to provide sustainable income and opportunities for upward mobility. We wish our (former) clients good luck in their new roles.

We have experienced consistent and steady growth throughout 2017, and are excited to continue this trend as we move through the remainder of the year. Please reach out to our dedicated sales team for any staffing needs. We have clients ready for any job, and they will impress you, just like the 19 who impressed Suzanne’s Kitchen.