Applying Business Sense
to Doing Good

Founded in 2007 in Atlanta, First Step currently employs 1,000 individuals, and is on a mission to provide a path out of homelessness through work experience.

In less than 10 years, First Step has assisted more than 7,500 individuals with their first job assignment, providing the opportunity for the community to save more than $300 million. We give preference to those who have recently experienced homelessness; military veterans; and individuals who have been previously incarcerated; while providing specific training programs to support our employees and customers.


Community payback
multiplier for philanthropic
supported wrap
around investments


Collaboration and
Referral Partners
in our 3 Locations


First Step currently assigns
more than 1,600 individuals
per month to jobs.
Growth through
successful business
leadership increases
the number of at-risk
Atlantans receiving a
paycheck through First Step.


“At risk” employees
that are veterans
of the armed forces or
have been previously

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First Step’s unique methods and mission have attracted a broad base of community support that
includes public and private funders, employers, community and statewide agencies, and
individual donors.

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