All Community Partners

Akers Foundation
Atlanta Foundation
Community Foundation
Cousins Foundation
Francis Hollis Brain Foundation
The J. B. Fuqua Foundation
Healthcare Georgia
James M. Cox Foundation
John and Mary Franklin Foundation
Kaiser Permanente Foundation
Mary Allen Lindsay Branan Foundation
Munroe Foundation
Nonami Foundation
Pitney Bowes Foundation
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Rich Foundation
Sara Giles Moore Foundation
Scott Hudgens Family Foundation
Thomas Guy Woolford Charitable Trust
United Way
Wells Fargo
Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation
Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation
Robert W. Woodruff Foundation
David, Helen and Marian Woodward Fund
Advantage Capital
Local Enterprise Assistance Fund
Department of Housing and Urban Development
City of Atlanta
DeKalb County
DeKalb Human Development
Fulton County
GA Department of Behavioral Health
GA Department of Community Affairs
Alternative Staffing Alliance
DeKalb Community Ministries
Mercy Care
Project Community Connections, Inc.
Veterans Empowerment Organization
The Barra Foundation
WFB Ohio Foundation
EZ Agape Foundation
Lanier Family Foundation


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