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semi-skilled and entry level

Wrap around services

As a non-profit Frist Step is driven by it’s mission to help employ those with barriers to work force re-entry.
All profits are re-invested in programs to support our employees and insure their success at your work site.

Group 4

job/life coaching



connecting employees to subsidized transportation options for their convenience


placement assistance

This support system creates a more motivated, conscientious and
accountable employee.

Industry Leadership

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction every day.

A key component is our recognition that in order to meet and exceed your expectations, we need to
understand your business. For that matter, our employees that we provide to you need to have basic
understanding of your industry, your business, and what to expect when they show up for work.

We do this by providing a plethora of wrap around services.

Industry Segments

We focus our leadership in the following segments:

Whether it be contract packaging, fork-lift operation, cross-docking or inventory control – we
provide the resources for you in this ever changing, fast paced, growing segment.

Understanding temperature control, allergens, HCCP, and overall food safety makes us your
choice in the food processing industry. We clearly understand the time sensitivity of this
industry and look forward to working with you to help you grow.

We provide food services workers, kitchen help, banquet personnel, housekeepers, and
facility maintenance workers to some of the world’s largest hoteliers and hospitality providers.

We provide a significant number of industry leading companies in this evolving, technology
driven, quick-turn customer service driven segment. Our workers are ready-to-go to assure
that you meet your customers’ needs.

We recognize, the hard, sometimes dirty work involved with cleanup and restoration services.
We provide industry leading companies — – safety trained individuals ready to tackle your
toughest jobs. Our employees are up to the challenge

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